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To begin with, let me tell you that all of the actual training lessons will be found among the various Posts.  These Posts will be grouped into different Categories.  (The category list is near the bottom, on the right)  So for instance, if you want to learn how to halter break a horse, you would simply go to the category labelled, Halter Breaking, and look through the various Posts.  If you want to learn about round pen training,  go to the category labelled Ground Work and the Round Pen.  I believe the categories will be self explanatory, and you will easily be able to locate what you are looking for by simply scrolling through the various categories.  If you prefer, you can go to the menu at the top of each page, and select   VIEW ALL POSTS.   This will bring up an alphabetical list of all Posts on the website.



Also, if you click on the title  HOW TO – HORSE TRAINING,  at the top of the page, it will bring you back to the Post page, which gives you a preview of the latest posts.



You will also find in the Menu at the top of the page, an item called  FEATURED PAGES.  By clicking on that, you will be brought to a list of all the pages on the website.  There is also a list of pages, at the bottom of every Page and Post.



We also have a Featured Post, that will give you some information about the site, plus it’s a good starting place, to hear some good old horse stories.  So be sure to visit  HOW TO  – HORSE TRAINING, FEATURED POST. 





Pretty Horses and lush pasture
Lush grass and pretty horses, what could be better?




The Menu at the top of each page


In the menu, you’ll find the  WELCOME  page 


The  ABOUT ME  page


The Find Your Way Around page (which is the page you’re presently on)


FEATURED PAGES  (which as I said previously, brings you to a list of all pages on this website)


VIEW ALL POSTS  is a list of all THE Posts on the website.


And to finish off, there’s    CONTACT US,    and     PRIVACY POLICY. 



I do invite you to take a look at each one of the menu items.  For instance, the Welcome page will give you a link to a Post called  WELCOME TO THE CORRAL,   which I wish you would read.  The About Me page will allow you to get to know a bit bout me, and some of my experiences with horse training.  Next is the page you are presently on, called Find Your Way Around.  I’ve already described the next two menu items, but I would like you to give special attention to,  FEATURED PAGES,      and      VIEW ALL POSTS. 


On the various other pages not in the menu, you will find some interesting facts about horse training, and you’ll also find my philosophy toward training horses, and even just handling horses.  Just go to  FEATURED PAGES  to see what’s there.  The Contact Us page is simply my email address, if you wish to contact me directly.  And finally the Privacy Policy page, which is simply a formality.



Stop and smell the horses
But I like the smell of horses!


 I invite you to be my guest


Please take a look around all the various pages, to see what they say, so that you can get a feel for the website.  Then, look at the various categories to see what subjects are addressed.  Finally, go ahead and check out the Posts, or Blogs.  I truly hope you will enjoy the site, and that you will find it not only interesting, but beneficial in helping you learn to train your horse.  Thanks for visiting, and I do hope you will come back soon.  Happy Horse Training, Jim.




Oh yes, one more thing…


Please leave me a comment, or ask a question if you have one, and I would be more than happy to get back to you.  Just leave your comments in the comment area below.  I really love talking about horses, almost as much as I love training and riding.  Thanks again, and see ya soon,  Jim.



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