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Equestrian Coach


Some time back, I ran across an online video training program called “Equestrian Coach”. I also found that many people may have heard the name, but they are asking, “What is Equestrian Coach?”  I’m so impressed by Equestrian Coach, that I have included it on a page of it’s own on this website, titled “Equestrian Coach”, and I have become an affiliate member, promoting participation in this great program. 


To tell you very simply, “What is Equestrian Coach”; Equestrian Coach is a program designed to train the rider, in all facets of English riding, including “Hunter / Jumper”, “Show Jumping”, “Eventing”, “Dressage”, and even “Olympic Training”.  From beginner to advanced rider, all the training is there at your fingertips. 


reining 3“Equestrian Coach” also offers training in the western sport of “Reining”.  That’s what I am really interested in at this point in my life.  To me, the sport of “Western Reining”, is every bit as demanding as the sport of “Dressage”.  Sure, Dressage is so very ‘collected” and “quiet”, while reining can be more “explosive”, but the communication between horse and rider is what I like.  There are very precise “movements” that are exhibited in reining that require the same very close, horse/rider cooperation, just like in dressage.  I have really come to appreciate this kind of partnership, between horse and rider that is required in just about any high level of competition, no matter what the specific discipline is. 



Video Lessons


The format utilized by Equestrian Coach is that of video lessons.  It’s so effective, to visually show you the rider, exactly what kind of “posture” you should maintain while riding, and to show you what kind of “aids” you should be using, and allow you to see what “good horsemanship” looks like. 



One Of The Greatest Benefits


One of the greatest benefits that Equestrian Coach has to offer, is it’s lineup of outstanding instructors and coaches.  Equestrian Coach simply has the absolute “Best” that there is in the world of horses, to teach you how to be able to ride your horse, and train your horse to any level you choose.   From the beginners level of riding, all the way up to the most advanced levels of performance, Equestrian Coach has it all.  Take a look at the lineup of “The Best of the Best”. 



Olympic & Championship Coaches



USET Veteran, Reaching The Top In All 3 Of The Intl. Equestrian Olympic Disciplines

Legendary horseman, trainer and former USET Chef d’Equipe

Olympian & Canadian Show Jumping Team Member

Inducted To USEA Hall Of Fame & World Champion 3 Day Event Gold Medal Team

Irish Olympian and Grand Prix Show Jumping Veteran

Canadian Olympian and Grand Prix Show Jumping Veteran

2000 Olympic Show Jumping Team Member & Pan American Games Medalist

Olympic medalist, FEI World Cup Champion & Current Top Show Jumper

2008 Olympic Show Jumping Team Gold Medalist & Grand Prix Show Jumping Veteran

2011 FEI World Reining Finals Champion & NRHA $1 Million Dollar Rider

Olympic Medalist, World Cup Final Champion & Pan American Games Gold Medal Winner

NRHA Hall Of Fame Star & $2 Million National Reining Horse Association Rider

Silver Medalist In Eventing At The 2008 Olympic Games & Pan American Games Medalist

1990 World Champion, 1991 European Champion & French Champion

2004 Olympic Individual Gold Medalist, WEG & World Cup Finals Champion

2008 Olympic Show Jumping Team Gold Medalist & Grand Prix Show Jumping Veteran

FEI 5* Dressage Judge of Olympic Games, Pan Am Games & World Cup Finals

Western Horsemanship Coach, Quarter Horse Judge & FEI Steward for Reining

2004 Olympic Show Jumping Team Gold Medalist & 2002 WEG Individual Bronze Medalist

Coaches & Special Guests


Master Horseman & Head Colt Starter For Top International Show Barns

Renowned Judge, Trainer, And Show Jumping High Performance Committee Member

Top Vet Specializing In The Treatment & Diagnostic Imaging Of Sport Horses

Board Certified Equine Surgeon Recognized For His Expertise In Colic Surgery

Experienced rider, trainer and barn manager grassroots through national level.

One Of The Most Successful & Winning Equitation/Jumper Coaches In The Country

A disciple of George Morris and a top equitation trainer of medal finalists

Top Southern Callifornia Farrier

One Of The Nation’s Top Equitation & Hunter Trainers

USHJA Certified Trainer, Judge & Steward

USHJA Int’l Hunter Derby Winner & 2 Time World Champion Hunter Rider

Top Equitition and Hunter trainers at Sonoma Valley Stables.

Founder, Head Coach and Instructor at Elevenstar Riding Academy

Top Equitition Trainer, Rider, Judge & Clinician

Successful International Grand Prix Rider & Trainer

One of the Country’s Most Winning Equitation, Hunter & Jumper Trainers. Clinician, Judge, USHJA, USEF & EAP Committee Member

Horse Management Specialist, Judge & Clinician

ASPCA Maclay National Champion

Top Grand Prix Rider & Active Participant In Show Jumping Community

Veterinarian Specializing in Equine Sports Medicine

Mental Skills Coach Specializing In Equestrian Sport Psychology

Top Pony Trainer & Judge

Married Members Of The Legendary Equestrian Family & Head Trainers Of Far West Farm

Grand Prix Veteran, Has Represented The U.S. On Numerous Nations Cup & Super League Teams

Up & Coming International 3-Day Eventer

Mouth Dentistry & Holistic Horse Health

One of the most successful trainers of young, developing show jumping talent in the U.S.

Top jumper trainers at Martin McAllister Training located at the Flintridge Riding Club

Official Veterinarian For 3 World Cup Show Jumping Finals

Acclaimed Trainer, Clinician & Horsewoman, Sought Out By Amateurs & Pros Alike

Professional Trainer & Owner of Blackjack Fitness

Owner of VS Dressage, Inc., a premier dressage training and riding facility in San Marcos, CA.

Olympic, WEG & World Cup Finals Course Designer & Technical Delegate

Olympic, Championship & World Cup Finals Course Designer & Technical Delegate

Top Hunter/Jumper Trainer & 3 Time World Champion Hunter Rider

West Coaster, Mandy Porter, Is One of America’s Top Grand Prix Competitors

One Of The Country’s Top Hunter, Jumper & Equitation Trainers

Stable Management Specialist & Canadian Show Jumping Team Tour Manager

Top Trainer, Judge & World Champion Hunter Rider

A-Circuit professional braider, in demand coast-to-coast for all the most prestigious horse shows

Veterinarian For The U. S. & Canadian Show Jumping Teams

Accomplished Rider & Trainer, Judge, Clinician, USHJA, USEF, EAP, TCP & Zone 10 Commitee Member

Championship Rider & Youngest Member of Swedish Jumping Team



You’ll never see a lineup like this anywhere else !



Even of you’re not familiar with these people, the founder of Equestrian coach, Bernie Taurig has the experience and the “know how” to put together such a team.  Bernie Traurig is about the most “trusted” name in the sport of riding. 




Bernie Traurig – Founder & Head Coach


Bernie TraurigAs a Horseman, Bernie is renowned for not only his riding talents but for his teaching and coaching gifts. As a competitor, Bernie has represented the United States Equestrian Team both at home and abroad on many occasions and reached the top of the sport in all 3 of the International Equestrian Olympic disciplines: Show Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing.  After amassing 55 years worth of training and riding techniques and experiences with thousands of horses, Bernie is driven to give back to the sport that has given him so much fulfillment and success. 




Become A Member Today


I truly do urge you to become a member of the “Equestrian Coach” family.  If you enjoy riding, you’ll enjoy it all the more when you can excel at whatever riding discipline you choose.  The opportunity is here, so take advantage and join in the fun.


I urge you to go to the page titled “Equestrian Coach”, right here on this website, and by all means, click on any of the links to be taken directly to the Equestrian Coach website. 

That’s EquestrianCoach.com.


Thanks for reading and as always if you have any questions or comments, please do let me hear from you.  Talk to you later, and
“Happy Horse Training”, and “Happy Riding”.  Thanks, Jim.




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6 thoughts on “What Is Equestrian Coach ?

  1. Wow, I really appreciate this! What a GREAT resource! I have never been riding, but i have a friend whose dad used to own a farm, he sold all of his horses and sadly I will no longer get to go that route… but your site has given me plenty of options to get the training I need. Many other people, even if they do not own a horse, such as me, should find this information very useful as well! Thank you!

    1. Hi Jen. Thanks for your comments. Equestrian coach is simply wonderful. It gives you all the advice and training that you need to learn to ride, or to advance your riding skills to any level. Best of luck on any and all adventures that you undertake.

  2. Hi, Jim

    You have loads of people on your videos. They look professional all of them
    But tell me, can these people, even if they are talented and exquisite in their doings, learn individuals with no skills concerning riding horses to riding well?


    1. Hi Tove, thanks for stopping by again. Yes of course they can teach the beginner as well as the advanced rider. That’s one thing that’s so good about them. They have trainers for any and all levels of riding. I remember some of the names of trainers from 30 years ago when my wife was active in English riding and jumping. So these people do have lots of experience. This might be a bit different for you, living in Norway and all, but I wish you would check out another page and post on my website here. I have both a page and a post about Chris Ledoux music. Chris was a rodeo cowboy who lived not far from where I live. He’s used to love to sing about cowboys, and rodeo, and ranch life. Even if that’s not a person’s own lifestyle, his personality comes through and you can still appreciate the kind of person he was through listening to his music. Take a look at it if you would, and tell me what you think. Talk to you later, Jim.

  3. Awesome post, I am wondering, do you have any suggestion for someone to train on how to ride horses? I really always wanted to, but to be honest with you I am somewhat terrified that I fall off and case a serious injury.

    Any good training you recommend for people that want to train on how to ride horses? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your question about training to ride a horse. That is a very good question. I’ll bet there are lots of people who are wanting to know how to get started riding. I will make that my next post, and I could even do a series of lessons on how to train yourself to ride. Thanks again, and please keep visiting, Jim.

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